Welcome to Ignite Martial Arts. At Ignite Martial Arts, we teach and inspire our students to engage in and excel at an ancient and effective system of self-defense known as Karate. We spark a passion in our students for learning and growth that extends from the discipline of martial arts to their daily lives and the values they practice throughout their lives.

Respect for self and others, learned through personal achievement. Discipline to take the good and make it great. A positive attitude and outlook that comes from being surrounded by others who feel the same way. All while having great time and experiencing a tremendous workout. We practice fun everyday.

Ignite Martial Arts is different from other programs. Our personalized approach to each student, combined with the exceptional experience and skill of our instructors creates an environment in which our students achieve their goals quickly as they build the passion to take their skills further.

What is the best way to learn more? Come in today... try our Introductory Program - 8 great classes and a free uniform! (4 classes for Little Sparks students)

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Ignite Martial Arts is dedicated to providing excellence in martial arts instruction. We are committed to developing students of all ages into good citizens and successful martial artists.

The environment within Ignite Martial Arts promotes the development of life skills in a fun, positive and supportive manner. Our innovative programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each student while maintaining the structure necessary for effective learning.

The Ignite model is built upon an advancement structure that regularly rewards hard work and effort. This promotes goal setting by creating small steps that lead to a larger objective. The pathway of success encourages growth of a positive self image that will serve students throughout their lives.

Join the Ignite community where our welcoming, non-competitive environment provides a great place for students to develop new friendships, to grow and perform in a safe place and to learn the life skills that will make the leaders of tomorrow.

Unfortunately, Ignite Martial Arts – is no longer serving the St. Coix Area –
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